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VYAPT is a management consulting organization with years of experience in providing end to end solutions to its clients. We work intimately with businesses to design, develop and deliver fully customized solutions to assist their business to achieve the goals.

VYAPT has a client base which spans across the industries. With a rich and large knowledge repository, we have been able to achieve remarkable success in providing adaptable solutions to our clients. Our team of experts consists of generalist and specialist consultants who hail from diverse backgrounds with varied experience help our client by suggesting suitable solutions to their challenges

What do we do?

VYAPT Consulting provides services to its client in the areas of People, Strategy and Sales. We have an impressive track record of providing optimum support to our clients through our services in the most lucid manner. Our client shares challenges their company is facing with us and we provide the suitable solution by understanding their specific needs and the geographies in which they operate. We help building capabilities and leadership skills at all levels to create a process rather than people dependent system.

Client Challenge Box

Challenge: One of our clients was facing under productivity issues & cultural clashes in workforce. Recommendation: We did a 3-month intervention program & devised a four-step program to help boost profits& improve people productivity.

Results: Profits rose by 25% & production per week increased by 20%.

How Do We Work?

We believe that the solutions to organization problems are within its perimeter. That is why, when we engage with a client, we believe in assessing to what client has to say. This gives us an opportunity to design the solution mainly around the client requirements We follow a comprehensive, well- researched model, when it comes to intervention.

We analyse the industry, client as well the specific problems our client is facing to identify the “as-is” situation. Thereafter, we proceed to understand the problem and provide solution based on the recent trends that are penetrating the market. We believe in not only solving the problem at hand, but also helping the client in the long term for their overall development.